Other analysis tools available:

This is a list of more or less known open-source projects useful for all kinds of reverse engineering, code behavior analysis, binary forensics, debugging and so on. I wanted to create a comprehensive list that includes very basic tools, but also some unique, not very popular, yet promising and interesting one-of-the-kind projects. I found it pretty annoying there is no good refernce list like this, and pretty often we have to reinvent the wheel every time we want to complete some obscure task. Unlike some other "rev-eng" lists (e.g. the one at PacketStorm), this one avoids listing many almost completely similar tools - twenty fuzz tools, fifty gdb GUIs, one million malloc tracers. I am also not going to put tools like source browsing utilities or source analyzers, because they are of very little value in such work, unless you want to find obvious bugs in someone else's sources, which is a whole different issue - plus, there are some good places to look for them.

Please mail me with any submissions or corrections at lcamtuf@coredump.cx.

Name: memfetch
process memory dumps on demand
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