"Canonical", randomized crawl version optimal for most browsers (very slow
with MSIE):

  cross_fuzz_randomized_20100729_seed.html (original)
  cross_fuzz_randomized_20110105_seed.html (updated for better repros)

MSIE-optimized version of that fuzzer (triggers msie_crash.txt reliably):


These fuzzers put PRNG seed in the hash part of the URL; or can be provided 
with a previous seed the same way. To minimize the influence of network 
timing, make a local copy of the fuzzer and its subresources where possible.

When downloading, note that every variant also requires a copy of targets/ 
and mersenne.js (and logo.jpg if you want to fuzz in style).

IMPORTANT: You need to allow popups for the fuzzers to work properly.
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