Okay, now you've done it!

This directory contains several *really* old programs that are horribly buggy,
abandoned, or otherwise embarrassing. Many of them date back to the 90s.

You probably have no interest in looking here, unless you're completing a
dossier to expose me as a fraud (I had it coming).
Name                                          Last modified      Size  
Parent Directory - 2c2.tgz 06-Aug-2009 21:33 13K STUPID_IDEAS.txt 07-Jan-2008 12:43 20K afhrm.zip 18-Jul-2000 15:27 15K afx.tgz 21-Apr-2001 01:05 25K asmsh-0009.tgz 17-Feb-2004 23:37 49K beat.tgz 10-Dec-2001 06:05 6.4K bh.tgz 18-Jul-2000 15:27 12K c2sh.zip 18-Jul-2000 15:27 1.9K ceinwyn.zip 18-Jul-2000 15:27 37K cheat622.asm 02-Dec-1998 00:00 512 cw.zip 18-Jul-2000 15:27 9.7K di-attempts.tgz 25-Jul-2004 03:17 722K dixxx.tar.bz2 27-Jan-2003 16:21 548K duck-undone.tgz 24-Jul-2004 14:45 113K eyes.c 02-Jan-2003 00:20 7.3K fenris.tgz 11-Jul-2004 01:54 1.1M game.tgz 21-Apr-2001 01:26 15K gfx.tgz 21-Apr-2001 01:06 2.0K hey.c 24-Jul-1999 00:00 161 httpd.ahl 21-Apr-2001 01:21 5.6K japanese.c 24-Jul-1999 00:00 464 jpig.tgz 18-Jul-2000 15:27 33K krolik.c 24-Jul-1999 00:00 1.2K multiport.tgz 18-Jul-2000 15:27 2.9K nani.pl 10-Jun-2002 05:52 15K netsed.tgz 20-Jun-2007 14:25 13K projektor.tgz 17-Apr-2003 00:18 11K psycho.c 18-Jul-2000 15:27 1.8K redtmp.zip 18-Jul-2000 15:27 12K ryba.tgz 21-Apr-2001 01:30 3.5K uc.c 15-Sep-2003 20:38 1.5K uptime.c 18-Jul-2000 15:27 836 wtfs.tgz 18-Sep-2000 17:31 7.9K